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Monday, August 3, 2009

Beginning today you can get a FREE Lifetime Membership to this site. Anyone who subscribes for free to my blog, Confidence And Joy, will receive information on activating their personal FREE Lifetime Membership. This is only available to subscribers of Confidence And Joy.

If you are not familiar with this site, select the various Categories on the right and look around.  You can also scroll down on this page to read various descriptions of the categories.

If you would like a FREE Lifetime Membership to this site, simply go to Confidence And Joy and subscribe to the blog for free.  Once your subscription is verified you will receive information on how to access to your membership.

More details about this change are in the Thursday, July 23 post below, and, also at Confidence And Joy.

Thanks for stopping by.  Get your FREE Lifetime Membership today!

Mike Verdicchio


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Big Change Is Coming Soon!

There will be a big change coming to this site very soon!  How soon?  Actually, this big change is coming in a matter of days.

I don’t like “change” just for the sake of change, when there is really no reason for change.  When I worked in radio I saw that time and time again.  The radio station would get a new program director who so many times would say that they were going to take us to the next level.

In order to do that they would begin implementing changes – and most of the time it was not an improvement – it was simply changing something that already worked so that they could put their own personal “stamp” on the radio station.

I can only remember two Program directors who never went around talking about how they were going to take us to the next level, but they both did, in a big way.  They understood that “change” just for the sake of “change” is not good.  But, enough talk about radio.

The Biggest Change Of All

Of course I know there is going to be quite a change when Christ returns. The Bible says that the corruptible (those in the grave) will become incorruptible, and the mortals (those of us who are alive on that day) will become immortal.

Talk about a change:  getting new bodies and meeting Christ in the air – now that’s a change I’m looking forward to!  But, until that day comes, we continue to live and enjoy the life that God has given us to live.

Change Is A Part Of Life

And as we all go about our business, due to one circumstance or another, we make changes.  Change is simply a part of life.  Change can stimulate growth from something that is stagnating. Change can allow other elements to grow and be effective.  Change can open a door for a better solution.

Yet, many times, people resist change.  It is easy to stay in one’s comfort zone.  Many an opportunity is missed because someone refused to even consider change.  Change is a part of life.  At times, we need to make changes.  And, for this membership site, there is a really big change coming soon.

What’s The Big Change And Why?

The reason for the change is that I am finding it very time consuming to maintain the content on both this site, “Enriching Your Life Now!” as well as on my blog, Confidence And Joy.  I want to put my full focus on Confidence And Joy.  But, rather than just let all the great content here on this site, simply, “go away,” I have decided to make FREE memberships available to this site.

I am not planning on adding any new content to this site.  But, the tons of great archived content will still be available.  Details will be coming soon on how you can get your own FREE membership.  And, this FREE membership will last as long as I have both sites up online.

Free Membership Details Are Coming Soon!

So, check back in a few days for all the details.  It really will be quite simple.  And, in the meantime, have a great day!



NOW MORE THAN EVER! This site is not intended to just give people a nice warm and fuzzy feeling. You may indeed get that from this site from time to time.  But, this site is designed to give people the tools so that they can get the results that they desire in their lives.

The information on this web site, especially now in the times that we are living in, will be of great help for those who, regardless of the situations going on the world, want to live a dynamic life and get solid results. It is for those who don’t want to live in fear.

So, if you are member, take advantage of what is offered.  Apply the principles and get results.  Tell others about the site too!

What Are “Real” People Saying About This Site?

I’m still laughing after watching the funny videos. They were hilarious. And, I know how much laughing alleviates stress in my life. So, bring on the funny video clips :) The Pepcast was awesome. My dream in life now is to move from my condo and into a larger house with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a two car garage. This Pepcast assured me that with God’s help, I can realize this dream. Tom

I truly believe this site is a gold mine.  It is like a menu that can meet an individuals needs and hunger daily.  Some days we need a snack and other days we need a full meal and both are available at the click of the mouse. Karla

This site is worth every bit of $19.00 per month.  In fact it is actually worth much more, but I like $19.00 per month. Thanks for a great job.  Frank

You make a huge difference in the lives you touch.  Keep doing what you’re doing.   Lisa

It’s so easy to go in to it and find what I need quickly.  This is a wonderful site. Dan

What Is On This Site?

This site is a gold mine of material and information available to all members of “Enriching Your Life Now.” You can see the Categories over on the right hand column.

Articles: In this category you’ll find approximately 150 inspiring and motivating articles by Mike Verdicchio.

Bible Teachings: There a dozens of teaching Mike has done both at the Glendale Fellowship as well as other locations.

Blog: In this category, you will find tons of blog posting since June of 2008.

E-Books: Here you will find a number of eBooks on various topics.

Funny Videos: Most of these are from YouTube – It really is good to laugh; in fact it is good for your health to laugh regularly.

Inspirational Videos: Most of these inspirational videos are from YouTube.

New Pep Talks: These are called “new” to disnguish them from the five volumes of Mike Pep Talks. A Pep Talk is a 3-5 minute inspirational message that you will find very practical.  There are nearly a 100 of these new Pep Talks on this site!

Pep Talks: Members will also have access to the audio all 5 sets of “Mike’s Pep Talks!” Volume 1, Volume 2, Pep Talks for Dads, Pep Talks for Salespeople, and Pep Talks for Self Employed.  Each set has 50 Pep Talks, so that’s another 250 audio Pep Talks on this site.  Each Pep Talk is 3 to 5 minutes, loaded with very practical keys for dynamic Christian living!

PepCasts: These are expanded Pep Talks where Mike takes the time to really give you the understanding on a particular key or principle. These are 10 to 20 minutes each and you’ll find over 30 of them on the site.

The Seven Church Epistles: This was a project Mike did back in early 2000.  It is a recording of seven books in the New testament: Romans through II Thessalonians, referred to some as, “The Seven Church Epistles.”  Sale of this 4 CD package has been discontinued, but members have access to all of it.  Each chapter of each book is posted individually.

Video Pep Talks: These are short videos; one to one and half minutes long and you’ll find nearly 100 of them here on this site.

So, as you can see, this site is loaded with great material.  It really is a gold mine for those who want to live a dynamic Christian life!

STARTING IN EARLY AUGUST – Free Lifetime Membership with full access to all the content on this site is available for anyone who subscribes to the blog, Confidence And Joy. Subscribing to the blog is free and you can choose either email or RSS.  All the detials are on the Home Page of Confidence And Joy.

Subscribe today to Confidence And Joy and begin Enriching Your Life Now!

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